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susan koehler

Sarah you are AMAZING! I am completely blown away by the website and email copy you wrote for us.

Gary's book launch was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without you. Even Maria from Hay House Publishing made a comment about your beautiful writing abilities.

If you ever need a reference or testimonial to your work, I'm it sister! 

~ Global Business Innovator | Growth Expert LLC

(Previous: VP of Marketing & Sales at Infusionsoft)

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aj rivera

When I first started working with Sarah, I had a large Facebook group that that I barely promoted to. I knew that it was a goldmine.. but I wasn't sure how to go about it. 

I had seen Sarah's posts in other Facebook groups quite a few times before. They were always catchy, entertaining, and would get a TON of engagement... so I hired her to do the same for me. 

All I can say, is that Sarah is one of the most talented storytellers I've worked with. She knows how to evoke emotion, push people out of their comfort zone, and SELL... Hire her! 

~ AJ Rivera, Fitness Business Mentor | www.AJRivera.com


thomas scally

Prior to working with Sarah my messaging was wide and not clear at all. This left me very frustrated, especially because I know what my intention is.  

First day Sarah and I began working together I felt instant relief. When I got my copy back I said "Oh yeah, thats what I have been trying to say."

Working with Sarah helped not only clarify my message, but has saved me time and  squashed any self doubt on how I want to present yourself. I highly recommend working with Sarah!

~ Thomas Scally, Mindset & Life Coach