The Money Maker package is for the spiritual entrepreneur who’s ready to launch their product or service online.  Whether you're looking to make your first $10K... or you're ready to shake-shit-up and make $100K+ we'll make it happen! 

But here's the thing... I'm not like most copywriters. 

1. I channel all of my copy... I combine God/Universe/Your higher self's TRUE message for the world. I then add the "classic" sales copy elements that will sell your shit like hot cakes. 

2. I only use high-vibe words... Most copywriters will write copy that preys on your deepest fears and insecurities... they use (disgusting) manipulation tactics that make people feel like crap. 

Okay sure, you might make a few quick bucks... but those clients are going to regret buying your shit when they're laying in bed at night... AND they'll expect you to deliver a "magic pill" for their problems. 

 But there's a better way... HIGH FREQUENCY COPY!

"High frequency copy" is a term I use to describe sales copy that uses ONLY high-vibration words... This will instantly improve the mental outlook and vibration of your audience.  

So let's sell the benefits... let's sell LOVE... let's get people excited to work with you... let's use ONLY "High frequency copy."

And then we'll have a cocktail, and brag about your 5 & 6 figure launch, with integrity!

Are you ready to make money from a place of love and service? 

Our book launch was a huge success because of you Sarah!
You’re a true professional.
— Susan Koehler

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I’m Sarah Walker… Intuitive Copywriter & Brand Storyteller

If you’ve been following me online, you know that I’ve built a very successful copywriting business by harnessing the power of my (wild) life stories…

I'm also channel all of my copy from the divine... your "Divine Messaging." But what I'm most proud of, is the results I've given my clients. 

During our time together my clients have:

  • Made $115,000 on a therapy-service launch 
  • Made $12,000 from their first ever webinar 
  • Generated 42 New (high quality) leads in one month from Facebook groups
  • Made $9,000 cash in their first month in business
  • Setup an automated funnel that generates $5,000 per month in passive income 
  • Found their tribe of soulmate clients who LOVE them 

And that’s what I want for you.


The Money Maker Launch Package

The VIP package is for the entrepreneur who’s ready to claim their position as an EXPERT in their field.  You want ALL of your online brand messaging to flow as one cohesive story. 

You Get: 

  • 90-Minute “Brand Message Strategy” Skype Intensive


  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Facebook Ads (2 Long, 3 Standard) 
  • Landing Page
  • 7 Sales Email Sequence
  • Sales Page (Up to 1,500 words)


  • 4 Email Followup Sequence
  • 2 Weeks of Launch Support... I'll be there to support you, and tweak the copy throughout the launch for optimal conversions. 
Toronto Copywriter
Sarah is one of the most talented storytellers I’ve ever worked with. She knows how to evoke emotion, push people out of their comfort zone, and SELL...
Hire her!
— AJ Rivera |

Here’s How It Works...


We’ll jump on a quick call to see if we’re a good fit, and find the gaps that need to be closed in your messaging strategy. If we decide to be friends (and work together) then:


You & Me: 6 Weeks

Week 1


  • 2 Hour Brand & Launch Skype Intensive

  • Personal Interview with you

  • Interview with 1-2 of your friends and clients

  • Market Research

Week 2


  • Reflection & Meditation time

  • I spend 3-5 days connecting with God/Universe and your higher-self to find your Divine Messaging

  • Deliver “Angle” Proposal, before I start writing

  • Skype call to discuss our angle

Week 3


This is where I get to work… I write and deliver your:

  • Ideal Client Avatar

  • Facebook Ads (2 Long, 3 Standard)

  • Landing Page

  • Sales Page

Week 4


Still working hard… I write and deliver your:

  • 7 Sales Email Sequence 
  • 4 Email Followup Sequence

  • Final Editing

  • Closing Skype Call

Week 5 & 6

  • I will support you for the next 2 weeks of your launch.
  • I work with your designer, Facebook Ad manager and the rest of your team to set up ALL of the copy.
  • I give detailed formatting and design instructions for optimal conversions. 
  • All you have to do is approve the final copy and design. 
  • During your launch, I'll review your conversions to see if we need to "tweak" any of the copy... Until we find the perfect recipe of words just for you. 

The Process

Step 1: discovery call

We’ll set up a discovery call together where we’ll uncover your unique needs in your business right now...

We’ll uncover your strengths, weaknesses, and then I'll give you a step-by-step strategy to get your message out into the world... You'll be positioned as an authority in your niche. Based your your unique business needs, we'll decide together if this package is the right fit you right now. 

You can book your FREE 20-minute Discovery Call here...


Step 2: Messaging intensive

We hop on the phone or Skype for our Divine Brand Story Intensive... 

During our Intensive we'll identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current messaging. I'll ask you a series of personal (and vulnerable) questions that will reveal your true colors... and no... your heart is not black! 

Your story is pure gold, and will make you irresistible to your ideal client.


Step 3: Interviews + research

I will interview 1-3 of your closest friends, clients or colleagues. This will give us an outsiders perspective of who you are as a person, and how you're seen by others (20 minutes per interview).

I jump into research mode and dig deep into your industry. I study all of your competitors to see who offers your service, and who sells it the best. I'll find the gaps in the marketplace that need to be filled...  and position you as the obvious solution.


Step 4: meditation and reflection

I will spend the next 3-5 days in meditation, connecting with God and your higher self. 

I will ask your higher self questions such as:


"What is your true purpose on here on earth?"

"How can you be of service to the world and others?"

"What is the divine message that you were born to deliver?"

I'm focused and open to hear your true Divine Brand Story and Message... without your ego, or outside people interfering with your perception of self. 


Step 5: angle proposal

Based on the divine answers that I receive during my meditations, will give you a proposal that includes 3 possible angles for your new Divine Brand Launch. 

At this point, we'll hop on a Skype call to decide which angle is best suited for your goals and business.


Step 6: Time to write

Toronto copywriter

Taking everything that we have uncovered from your personal interview, interviews with your friends and peers, and the deep market research that I conduct...

I'll write high-converting, engaging and intuitively aligned copy for your ENTIRE SALES FUNNEL!

I'll take your deepest desires, feelings and true souls goals... and I'll put it into words for you.

You will have a COMPLETE and cohesive brand message for your launch... from your Facebook Ads... to your Sales Page... to your high-converting 7 Sales Email sequence. 

It Will Be YOUR Voice. 

First day Sarah and I began working together, I felt instant relief. When I got my copy back I was like “Oh yea, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.”
I highly recommend working with Sarah.
— Thomas Scally

Are you ready for your first 5 or 6 figure launch? 

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