Are You Ready To Step Into Your Mission? 

You have been placed on this Earth to serve a purpose. Every single “struggle” that you’ve gone through is a LESSON, and a gift…

It’s a gift because, now, you can help others overcome the same ‘ish that you did!

Your mission is the reason you wake up every morning… it’s your contribution and connection to something much larger than yourself.

Are you ready to step into your Divine Mission?



It’s Time To Speak Your Truth. 

I’m Sarah Walker...

Intuitive Copywriter & Brand Storyteller.

I help entrepreneurs find their Divine Brand Story. I write copy that’s in alignment with your Divine Mission, and souls true calling.  

All of the copy I write, and your entire brand, is Divinely channeled.

How I channel your message…

I combine deep meditation and hypnosis to connect with Source/God and your higher-self. I receive messages in the form of images, feelings and channeled readings (which you get to review before we start).

Want to know EVERYTHING about me?


Speak Your Truth. Claim Your Mission.  


Work With Me…


Hypnosis & Mindset Coaching

Do you want to remove your money mindset blocks and supercharge your manifestation abilities?

You get:

  • 60-Minute Session (Skype/Zoom)

  • (20 min coaching / 40 min hypnosis)

  • We identify your core wounds/blocks, remove them and then replace with your new beliefs.

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Business Mentorship Intensive

Are you ready to take the next step in your business and learn from someone who has already achieved your goals?  

You get: 

  • 90 Minute Intensive (Skype/Zoom)

  • We will redesign your entire business, including: Messaging, design, marketing strategy, sales calls, etc.

  • Recommended for “newer” entrepreneurs (under 3 years)

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Branding & Copywriting services

Do you want kickass copy & messaging that sounds like YOU, gets you awesome new clients and is Divinely Channeled?

If you need: 

  • Brand Messaging (Website)

  • Social Media content

  • Facebook Ads (copy)

  • Sales Page

  • Email Marketing

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