Do you want to find your brand voice? 

The urge when you first start out is to copy everyone else... And that’s okay. Because sometimes you need to try out other voices to figure out that you prefer your own. 

Being vulnerable is really scary…. My story’s pretty messed up... I get it.

But the thing is… That little voice in your head that says:

“You’re destined for more. Tell your story”

That’s God whispering the answer to you… It’s going to get louder, and louder until it’s screaming in your ear...

And if you ignore it (like I did), your whole world will eventually come crashing down around you. 

Now is the time for bravery my friend. It’s time to embrace the light within you, and shine. I promise, you’ll be happier you did...

And you'll make a lot money too... One of the perks of being in alignment.  


Find Your Voice. Speak Your Truth. 

I’m Sarah Walker...

Intuitive Copywriter & Brand Storyteller.

I help entrepreneurs find their Divine Brand Story, and write intuitively aligned copy that attracts your soulmate clients.  

I channel God and your higher self to write your copy, and brand story according to who you truly are at your core.

Your business will be an authentic expression of YOU…

How I channel your message

I combine deep meditation and hypnosis to connect with God and your higher-self. I receive your message in the form of images, feelings and channeled readings. 

Maybe you don’t know how to tell your story… maybe you’re still figuring out WHAT your story is... But I see your light, and your story is pure gold…

You can read my crazyyyy story here...


I’ll help you find your voice, and attract your soulmate clients. 

It’s Time To Take Off The Veil…

The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be YOU... 

Your voice, Your story, Your vision. That’s your golden ticket to wealth and happiness.

Your story makes you human, and lovable. It’s the light within you that inspires others to shine… And I promise you, the second you get vulnerable in your business, and speak your truth…

Wealth, love and happiness will come rushing in… All of a sudden you’re magnetic to your soulmate clients… and you’re excited to wake up everyday because your business will be completely aligned with your soul’s mission. 

Now is the time for bravery... To be bold. To find your voice. To speak your truth. 



Check Out Your Options To Work With Me…


Divine Brand Story Intensive

The Starter

Do you have a story inside of you that’s aching to come out? 

I’ll help you find your Divine Brand Story and position you as a one-of-a-kind expert in your niche. 

You get:

  • 60-Minute “Brand Message Strategy” Skype Intensive
  • Intuitive Brand Story written by Sarah Walker...
  • This can be used as the Main or About Page of your website

Divine Brand Story signature package

The Big Reveal

The Signature Divine Brand Story Package is for the entrepreneur who’s ready to reveal their new authentic brand online. 

You know that you’re an authority… It’s time to let the rest of us know too! 

You get: 

  • 90-Minute “Brand Message Strategy” Skype Intensive
  • Intuitive Brand Story written by Sarah Walker


  • 3 Page Website (Main, Work with Me, Contact)
  • Brand Slogan
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Social Media Profiles x3
  • Access to my “Facebooked-Up 30 Day Marketing Course”

DIVINE brand launch sales package

The Money Maker

The Money Maker package is for the entrepreneur who’s ready to launch their product or service online.  

Whether you're looking to make your first $10K... or you're ready to make $100K+ we'll make it happen! 

You get: 

  • 90-Minute “Brand & Launch" Skype Intensive with Sarah Walker


  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Facebook Ads (2 Long, 3 Standard)
  • Landing Page
  • 7 Sales Email Sequence
  • Sales Page (Up to 1,500 words)


  • 4 Email Followup Sequence to close the deal
  • 2 Weeks of Launch Support


Custom Packages Available Upon request.

Want to see if we’re a good fit? 

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