You’re here because you’re ready to find your voice…

To speak your truth... and to attract your soulmate clients by doing so.

When you decide to be REAL and tell your story, you instantly start attracting clients who are just like you...

Who have the same values, the same beliefs, and who want to change the world in the same way you do. Speak your truth and you will attract people who love you for all of your quirks.

I’m honored to stand beside you on this journey towards what you’re meant to do... and who you’re meant to be.

I know being vulnerable is scary sh** … But I’ll be here with you every step of the way.

And I promise that if you face your fear, and you speak your truth... you will be welcomed with open arms by your family of soulmate clients.

These are clients who love every part of you, and your brand. The good, the bad and the ugly...

Hell, even the “kinky and crazy” in my case.


So let's get wild… shall we?




Here are 3 ways we can work together... 


Divine Brand Story Intensive

The Starter

Do you have a story inside of you that’s aching to come out? 

I’ll help you find your Divine Brand Story and position you as a one-of-a-kind expert in your niche. 

You get:

  • 60-Minute “Brand Message Strategy” Skype Intensive
  • Intuitive Brand Story written by Sarah Walker...
  • This can be used as the Main or About Page on your website 

Divine Brand Story Signature Package

The Big Reveal

The Signature Divine Brand Story Package is for the entrepreneur who’s ready to reveal their new authentic brand online. 

You know that you’re an authority… It’s time to let the rest of us know too! 

You get: 

  • 90-Minute “Brand Message Strategy” Skype Intensive
  • Intuitive Brand Story written by Sarah Walker


  • 3 Page Website (Main, Work with Me, Contact)
  • Brand Slogan
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Social Media Profile x3
  • Access to my “Facebooked-Up 30 Day Marketing Course”

Divine Brand launch sales Package

The Money Maker

 The Money Maker package is for the entrepreneur who’s ready to launch their product or service online.  

Whether you're looking to make your first $10K... or you're ready to make $100K+ we'll make it happen! 

You get: 

  • 90-Minute “Brand & Launch" Skype Intensive with Sarah Walker


  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Facebook Ads (2 Long, 3 Standard)
  • Landing Page
  • 7 Sales Email Sequence
  • Sales Page (Up to 1,500 words)


  • 4 Email Followup Sequence to close the deal
  • 2 Weeks of Launch Support

Custom Packages Available Upon Request.

If you're not sure if this is the right choice for you? 

I suggest you follow your intuition… Go ahead and ask yourself right now: 

“Is this right for me?”

Your gut and God will give you the right answer… It's the first answer that pops into your head. 

Are you ready to get real?

Book your FREE 20-Minute Brand Message Strategy Call.

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