My Story

Telling my story in my business has made me a very successful woman. Not only has it let me build a 6 figure (and growing) business with ease, but it's become my outlet for self-expression.

Coming up with new content is easy because I can just pull a random (Fu**ed up) story out of my back pocket at any time... and my clients LOVE me for it. 

I've helped 80+ entrepreneurs find the Divine Message, and triple their investment in the first 30-60 days...

You will finally have the confidence to charge what you're worth... and open yourself to the flow of abundance you were born to have.

Telling your Divine Brand Story will give you:


More Money.

More Freedom.

More Influence.

More Clients Who Love You For YOU!

You'll wake up every morning excited to fire up your laptop and connect with your soulmate clients.

You'll want to be of service to others... and you'll become a "Master Manifestor" because your business will be in complete alignment with who you are at your core. 

That is the power of speaking your TRUTH

I hope my story inspires you to be brave, and to tell your own "Divine Brand Story"... 

Toronto Copywriter

I grew up in the backseat of a car...

My parents were hippies, we never stayed anywhere longer than 3 months, and I was homeschooled until grade 5... Already a weird start right!

Now... since we jumped from town-to-town and my Dad would jump from job-to-job, money was tight. We relied heavily on the welfare system and Church handouts to survive... which gave me a pretty messed up money mindset... 

But the idea of following societal norms, sitting in a classroom (or cubicle) and doing what others expect of me never made sense...

I would play from morning to night... climbing up the sides of The Rocky Mountains... reading books under apple trees all afternoon... and I'd do my schoolwork when I felt inspired to do so... 

I was unapologetically me... I was free. 

orphaned at the age of 10...

When I was 10 years old I was taken away from my parents, and placed in a foster home. 

When I combine an abusive father, mentally Ill mother, and the experience of  jumping between 7 different foster homes... I learned to be self-reliant from an early age.

Yes... It was a difficult time in my life. But looking back, it made me who I am today... The experience made me strong, resilient and wise beyond my years. 

I learned how to survive... how to roll with the "punches"... and how to thrive on proving people wrong... Because at the end of the day, only you can save YOU.

The expectations of the people around you are not real. It doesn't matter who your parents were, or what your friends think you should do...

Your story is unique... So own who you are, and shout it from the rooftop!

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let's get naked...

For you it's metaphorical... But for me, well... 

At the tender age of 19 I decided to become an exotic dancer... That's right, sweet little Sarah was a stripper.

Now, if you're expecting me to sit here and tell you that I regret this decision...       IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! 

Within 6 months I went from collecting welfare and living paycheque to paycheque... to making $10K+ per month, working 10 hours per week. 

The money was great, I was eating sushi, oysters and lobster everyday of the week ... and I was driving a convertible Mercedes Benz to University every day.

As taboo as it is, dancing taught me to be the strong entrepreneurial woman that I am today. I learned how to communicate, persuade, and BE MY BRAND.

Anyone can "pretend" to be the Barbie, the dumb blonde, or the dominatrix... but nobody can be you. Repeat clients come back because of who you are, because they feel good in your presence.

Tell your truth. YOU are your greatest selling feature. 

Have Faith. follow your heart.  

Four years later, I graduated with a degree in Communication Studies from York University, Toronto.

That was also the day that I quit dancing, and got a job as a Marketing Coordinator for a real estate firm... I was ready to "face reality."

Or so I thought... 

I only worked there for 9 months before I realized that I was absolutely miserable working for someone else. 

I'd already had a taste of freedom... making it impossible to ever hold a "real" job. So I took a leap of faith, and launched my freelance copywriting business.

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an entrepreneur is born

Like most newbie entrepreneurs, I had no idea what I was doing, so I copied everyone else.

But I realized very quickly that to charge the BIG bucks... I would need to stand out from the herd of imitators... 

So I did what I do best... I sold MYSELF

I was open, raw and real. I sold the experience of ME... and it worked! 

The second I started getting real in my copy... showing the good the bad and the ugly... that's when I started making REAL money.

If you follow me online, you already know that I talk about everything from my spirituality, to my break ups, to my random trip to a sex club. (Our little secret.. okay?)

I spent the next 5 years mastering my craft... finding my unique copy voice... and I built a thriving 6-figure business... 

My clients were (and still are) tripling their investment in within 30 days... 

But something was missing.

I got a message from beyond...

One night in the Fall of 2016 I had a very vivid dream. In my dream, God told me that I needed to help people.

He said that I was born to be a scribe (writer), and that I need to lead from a place of love and service.

I was too focussed on material possessions, and making money... 

Okay, kind of true... But who isn't, right?! the time I had no idea how to incorporate "love, service and happiness" into my copywriting business...

Marketing in general thrives on pain, and instilling fear in its audience. "There's no place for love in business" I thought to myself.

So I chose to ignore my dream, and continue as I always had... killing it all day long. 

Toronto Copywriter


i went cray-cray!

About 30 days later, my whole world came crashing down all at once.

Money stopped coming in... I was promoting myself almost every day, but I couldn't make any sales... It was like God just turned off my money faucet. 

On top of that, I got dumped by a man who I was falling in love with... 

It triggered every little insecurity that was hiding in my subconscious... all of my baggage blew up in my face. 

Everything I had tried to bury away, came crashing back all at once. It threw me into a full blown, BATSH** CRAZY mental break down! 

Some people might call it Dark night of the soul, Enlightenment, or Kundalini rising...

All I know is I was straight up cray-cray!

All of my old patterns, and negative ways of thinking went up in flames... and burned down to the floor. 

It was the worst time of my life. But it had to happen. 

I found god

Pain has a funny way of bringing you closer to God.

After 3 months of pure emotional and mental agony... I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I woke up one morning and realized...


My old patterns of shallow (ego) desires are gone... I see money as a tool, rather than an end goal... (I still make shit-ton of it!

I understand that everything is energy, and that I am a co-creator with God. 

I know how to ask the divine for help... and then listen to the answer.

And as a result... God has rewarded me greatly.

I make more money than I EVER have... and I wake up happy every single morning (99% of the time)... 

I see clearly now. I am a divine being... and I know what my life purpose is. 

I am...  


Toronto Copywriter and brand messaging
Toronto Copywriter and Brand Messaging

your divine scribe...

You are a magnificent being. You have unique God-given gifts, and your soulmate clients need YOU. 

You've already built a 6 or 7 figure business doing what you're good at... and "playing by the rules" of marketing your business. 

But something is still missing... 

You're not in complete alignment with your business... You want your brand message to be a reflection of YOU. 

You're ready to find your voice... but you don't know how to put it into words. 

I can help you. 

  • I've spent the last 5 years mastering my craft and finding my voice
  • I've helped 80+ entrepreneurs find their Divine Brand Story. 
  • Most of my clients double or triple their investment in the first 30-60 days... Because they're in complete alignment! 

I did the hard work for you... and I've been blessed with the ability to channel your Divine Message from your higher self. 

It's time to find your voice, and have a business that's in complete alignment with your soul mission... your Divine Message.

Speak Your Truth. 

Are you ready to find your Divine Brand Story?